10 things i learned…

…that I realized today:

  1. My job is quite a bit more enjoyable than I originally thought 2 months ago.
  2. Friday is payday.
  3. The gym is calling my name and I need to quit acting like I’m deaf.
  4. Wintertime is here.
  5. My Mom can be cool — no, like REALLY cool.
  6. People get on my nerves easily when I’m hungry.
  7. My fingernails WILL grow.
  8. “SHE” is really tryna be good.
  9. God is still looking out in an unbelievable way.
  10. I’m not afraid anymore…actually, looking forward to it.


…am I?

I’d love to answer that question for ya’…but, at this present time, I really don’t have one.

BUT…if I could figure out how to load a damn picture — life may just be good again. LOL.(-;