an-isl.jpg …from the lil’ whirlwind trip to couldfallinlovewithyou island.

i didn’t wanna go. in fact, i fought hard to find reasons why taking the trip was a bad idea. thought since the destination never appeared on my list of “go to places”, it would be a waste of my oh-so-precious time.

but, as is often the case — i was wrong.

once i landed, and deplaned ’stupidair’, i decided to relax and just ‘let my hair down’. making the conscious decision to enjoy myself was definitely a good one. i was able to discover many of the hidden treasures of the island — things only known to those who inhabited it daily. my heart was warmed many times by the sheer beauty of it all. as an added plus, i found the island to be interesting, funny and filled with a variety of new and exciting activities. all of this and great hospitality, too? yes. i was having a blast.

then…it started to rain.

the native islanders kept trying to reassure me that it would only last for a day or so. that is was just a seaonal thing that occurred from time to time.

but, ummmmnnn…nah…not so much.

days and days (and days) later, it was still be coming down. not pouring, just drizzling. (ya’ know…the kind that gets on your nerves — not enough for an umbrella, but enough to mess up your fresh ‘do…that shyt…ugh.)

this rain…totally unexpected. woke up from a nap and there it was.

the rain.

making the temperature muggy and uncomfortable. sending me to my air-conditioned room just so i could breathe.

the rain.

drinks too much and gets cock-diesel with it.

asks HIM, “why me?”, with a dejected spirit in tow.

doesn’t trust black women — while claiming to like, love, and want me so .

is consumed with the pain of a lost love, wayyyyyyyy deep in his soul.

and says ’sorry’ for things that really…can’t be controlled.

the rain.


yeah…seems my umbrella ain’t big enough.

or maybe…i just don’t like the rain…unless, something is being made in it — like love or mud pies.

so, i’m back.


in my own sunshine.

basking in the glory that is mine. mine? yep, MINE. from the one, to whom I say, “i am thine.”

i’m back.



no regrets.

just grateful for the realization that…as nice as it was to get away, *that* island, just ain’t FOR me.