[originally posted 8.29.06 on my other blog]
Xanga…watz up witcha? I know itz been an insane amount of time since last I posted. The funny thing is…I don’t even have a good reason for not doing so. My spirit jez wasn’t moving me to do so, I guess. At any rate, I had a thought that I’d like to share.

I’m sick of the word ‘FRIEND’.

There I said it.

This word is the most OVERWORKED word in the English language. Yeah…yeah, it is…cuz I said so.

The following are just a few reasons why I hate the word:

1. It carries multiple meanings & connotations which rarely will be interpreted the same way by any 2 people.

2. It is used incorrectly & ‘loosely’ by people who have no other word to describe their human interactions.

3. In the dating arena it has become a ‘catch-all’ term describing any variety of engagement w/the opposite sex. (Yep, from “…girl, you know you like a play cuzin…” to “…girl,¬†you need to quit playin’ and gimme some, cuz I’m…”! Right.)

4. Its overuse in our society causes people to be misled, feel betrayed, misunderstood, etc. because people have expectations of their FRIENDS. So, when those expectations are left unfulfilled, folks often do what? *LOSE* FRIENDSHIP. (Now, I wanna know how you lose something like a friendship? I mean, it’s not a pair of socks…so WTH???!!!)
5. The fifth, and singlemost reason I hate this word is because eeeeeeevvvvrrrybody wants one — but, they don’t always wanna be one.

I don’t mean to come back to the Xanga family sounding bitter. But then again…do I really care how I sound? Hmmnn…not so much.

To those folks that I call Friend, know that I love you with all that I am…and, then some — cuz sometimes that might not be enough…


I almost feel a little better now. Almost but not quite.