it’s 3 p.m. on monday. i don’t have a lot to share at the moment. too much going on…still processing.

i will say this: HE is working on me.

i know that some that may read this will roll their eyes and cluck their tongues. and, that’s cool. part of me regrets tweeting my url…even if it’s for just 30 seconds. but, so be it. roll and cluck on.

this has been SUCH an interesting season. finding inner strength is something that only you know how to do. no one can tell you or share with you how to do that. being able to identify strengths and flaws is…rewarding and painful all at the same time.

#2009. the best and worst year of my life. kinda.

love to all…


black to basics…

yesterday i bit the bullet and dyed my hair back black.

no wait.

i dyed my hair black. it has NEVER been this damn black.

i look like…morticia.

i’m scared to go anywhere. i may wear a pony-tail because that seems to lessen the shock. it’s too black. it makes me so sad.

and, most importantly…it makes me long for my old, damage-causing auburn hair. ugh.

Do You…?

~ Wonder about the future and what it may hold? (wonder, not worry!)

~ Wish you could borrow someone’s cute kid for a day or two…just long enough to spoil them, shower them with kisses, and, then give them back when they start “ackin” up?

~ Express your love, on the regular, to those people who hold a special place in your heart ?

~ Live each day as if it were your last?

~ Laugh really hearty about something every day?

~ Sleep well every night knowing that you gave your all?

Just wondering…if you do…