the vault.

the way the vault works is this:

  • you can deposit truth into it all day long.
  • there is never a fee for information that you deposit — as long as it’s genuine, raw, real truth.
  • the information deposited in the vault stays there. permanently. it doesn’ t ever leave the vault. it doesn’t seep out mysteriously and become conversation for other non-vaultish individuals. it simply stays put. often forgotten about, as the vault is full of many precious artifacts.
  • there are two ways in which the vault can close:
    1. when it simply ceases to exist (thru death) or…
    2. when a less than truthful deposit is made into the vault.

in the instance of example #2, there are no notices given…no email-blasts sent. in fact, you may not even notice right away.

quite simply,  it is understood by all that the price paid for depositing false info in the vault is a loss of access to it.

just a lil’ caveat emptor.