spring has sprung…

…and, i’m alive. #yay! winter 2009-2010 presented some new challenges…had a sistah concerned for a minute.

i am in a very interesting point in life.

i am unemployed. no. i am UNEMPLOYED. and, dealing with all that goes along with that. but, yet…


i’m back!


i think.

i dunno.

i’m coming to the conclusion that i may suck at blogging. like, i used to be good. i used to make time for it. not so much now.

and, trust me…it’s not because i don’t have some funny ish happening to me — i do. EVERY day is a barrel of laffs. argh.

anyhoo. this is a short re-intro.

maybe i’ll actually come back tomorrow…but, right now? a history paper is beckoning me to come hither.