failing, but winning…

so. there are so many things that i fail at daily. like. really. the list is longggggggggggggg.

and, yet…i rarely go to sleep without feeling like a WINNER! #blueribbonoverhere

see. life has shown itself to be quite the challenge in the last 15 months. i have had more difficult days during that time than…EVER. but, i wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. i know me…WELL. i have gotten to know other people (better than i wanted to at times). and, most importantly, i’ve gotten to know HIM. who? GOD. yah. HE’S that dude.

one thing that i fail at miserably is updating this darn blog. sheesh. rim needs to quickly come out with an improved wordpress app so that i could have the flexibility to update from the bb. somehow, though…that seems like an excuse.

so. yah. um…moral to THIS story? #imawinnnnnnnnnnnner



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