smiling will get you nowhere…

being that this is the 2nd post for today…forgive its random nature.


i’m always random here…and, everywhere else. *shrug*

anyhoo…i wanted to tell yall (who is yall? who is reading this? #theyllnevertell) about this cutie that i caught eyeballing me on saturday night (multiple times).

the reason why this is memorable is because at one point, after a few quick glances…he looked me dead in my eye…i returned the favor — with one of my award-winning smiles. he then smiled back. but, i broke the gaze — the intensity seemed to have gotten to me a lil’ bit. (lol!)

at any rate, it happened again. only this time, i was giggling a lil’ bit…when i looked up again. it was then that i saw that he’d taken a step towards me and stopped.


did he think i was laughing at him? i so wasn’t. i dunno what i was doing. schoolgirl nervousness? (is that a word?) at any rate…he didn’t approach. and, other than another quick glance he kept it moving.


because i am who i am…i wasn’t hardly going to approach him. but, since it’s thursday and i still remember his spectacularly, sparkly (thanks to my new @twitter buddy for that one) smile…i’m wishing i had.

if you were me in that situation…other than not goofing it up in the first place, would you have approached HIM? yesnoMAYBEso?



4 responses to “smiling will get you nowhere…

  1. Yeah, he probably thought you were laughing AT him! hmm. hopefully you get to see him again.

    and because I’m lazy I’ll comment on the other post here: you are absolutely a winner! because I said so! lol

  2. Yeahhhh he thought you were giggling at him and lost the nerve. I would have approached him. Nothing wrong with it. Go with confidence. Often kills them every time cuz they don’t expect it. 😉

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