talk to me…

so…anyone that knows me, knows that i adore jill scott.

like, her voice is the obvious object of admiration. but…as a wannabe-writer and lover of words? i totally dig her lyricology. (yes, i’m pretty sure i just made that ish up. #sowhat) that plus, her subtle raw-ness…form a deadly combo that has me convinced that she is my #sisterfromanothermister! ha! i’m kidding. maybe. (and, no…i’m not her #1 fan, so don’t go there!)

anyhoo…she has a song that i used to bump 24 by 7 because it said some thangs i have felt a time or two in my life. in recent days, however…it has been on repeat — in my mind. at least the first line of it. whyzzat? #gladyouasked

see…i’ve had the pleasure of…dialoguing with a very neat somebody recently. not just that fake and corny, “hi, how you doin, whatchoo doin today'” type stuff. i mean, real, rawdog, no-holds-barred, intellecutallystimulatingwithoutboringmyprettypinktoesoff conversation. and, because of that…this song has been stuck in my dome.

this first line is simple, but, i sooooooo feel her. (that’s what a #sisterfromanothermister does, d’oh!) it simply says: “…i’ve been talking tooooo this mannn…he’s been sayin’ what i like, annnn’ he makes me smillle, when i’m down…soo-oo down…”


now. i’m pretty sure that those same people that know i dig j.scott, also know that i am a sucker for a good conversation. that goes for convo with men or women. if you ain’t taumbout ish? i canNOT be bothered. at. all.

but, the great flow of ideas, opinions, goals and dreams between a man and a woman (particularly when EYE am that woman), does something to me.

it’s exciting.

it’s invigorating.

a good confabulation (doesn’t that sound like “something”?) can even heighten your very awareness of all that surrounds you…making you look at the same ole things in totally new ways.

and, if’n it’s REALLY GOOD? it can excite the senses enough to…yah. THAT.


THATz what a good convo does to me. am i the only one?



3 responses to “talk to me…

  1. Nothing like having someone around that stimulates your brain. The do say the brain is the most important relation organ 😉 . I say continue to enjoy it!

  2. A good-good conversation is sexy! The one where it doesn’t feel rushed, rehearsed, scripted — none of that just flowing. Going from A-Z about a few different topics.

    So I dig it Sis.

  3. YES!! I’m also a sucker for good, non-obvious & cliched convo. Especially with dudes, cuz sometimes they do bring up the most obvious topics & say stupid isht, so I’m glad when they don’t do the obvious. 😉

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