falling back…

a couple of weeks ago, mr. drew-shane daniels wrote an article for clutch titled, “fall back”.

the title alone piqued my interest and compelled me to actually read (instead of skim) it. i was pleasantly surprised as mr. daniels tapped into a topic that i found both interesting and highly personal. my #vaultism prevents me from going into detail, but, just know that i am intimately acquainted with the concept of ”falling back”. *insert bbm zipped lips smiley*

side-note: because the author is writing from a male-perspective, his ‘words to the wise’ are directed towards his female readers. but, i can’t help but to wonder how his advice might be altered if he were to address his brethren.

at any rate, the very first sentence drew me in:

“The struggle in liking someone is that it’s very, very hard to swallow the reality of how much you actually like them.”

#ohboy. um. wow. yah…there it is. isn’t this THE probable cause for allllllllllll #operationfallbacks in existence? of course it is. men and women alike are SO fearful of being found ‘doing too much’. i get it. (more than you will ever know) however, when you end up doing nothing cuzzah that fear…? you’re failing. miserably.

mr. daniels goes on to say that: “…Relationships are made up of two people’s emotions, two people’s wants, and two people’s needs.” really? is that it? it’s that simple? i think so. i trulllllllly believe that WE overcomplicate our relationships. either it is or it isn’t.

unfortunately, we often can’t answer the question(s) about what IS. i just recently had someone tell me that people in relationships should always be able to assess and communicate ‘where they are’ and ‘how things are going’ in any relationship in which they find themselves. sounds good, but…it is a rarity. unless…you’re mature enough to put on your big girl (or boy) pants and have those sometimes uncomfortable conversations. emotions are a bish, no? lol.

anyhoo…back to the article.

i lovelovelove it. it was refreshing. it was enlightening. it was affirming. a couple of days ago, a friend of mine expressed concern over letting a guy she was interested in know it. i thought of mr. daniels and sent her the link. i can only hope that she found the strength (yes, it takes some) to exhale and realize that it is indeed okay to express an interest — particularly, if it’s reciprocative one.

i purposely haven’t gone into A LOT of detail on this article. go. read. it. #youwontbesorry

but, i will leave you with one more ‘golden nugget’ — mr. daniel’s closing statement: “So you want to fall back?  Be cautious, you just might miss out.” #POW

so, yah. falling back may have you falling out…of what could be the #greatloveofyourlife.



5 responses to “falling back…

  1. Is there such things as falling back too much? Do you think that we fall back and miss out? Or is falling back moving us out of the way so God can work?

  2. Meh, most people who say they’re falling back “to let God work” are giving themselves excuses to not act. God helps those who help themselves, and He probably put the person you’re interested in into your life for you to enjoy him/her, not to “fall back” from them. FOH.

    Glad the writer of the article recognized real.

  3. Going to read the article, but on principle, I love it already!! And I agree that we really do make things overcomplicated…seeing things that aren’t there, building mountains out of molehills, etc, all cuz we’d rather get things wrong that communicate and be vulnerable to the other person. Humans…we’re dumb!

    Good post, Lova Lovaaaaa!!

    • yayyyy! *clapping and doing cartwheels*
      i love discovering male writiers who get “it” and can effectively communicate “it”! lol!

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