worth missing…


if you know me, you know that i am a huge fan of the twittah. (got that from one of my #twitterati homies) well, last night, one of the many talented people that i follow, tweeted the following statement:

“be worth missing.”

simple statement, right? right. but, it’s usually the simple, small things that have the biggest impact, no? ok, so what does that mean, exactly? (yah, yall know i can rarely go with ‘face-value’. lololol!) but, seriously…what kind of person is ‘worth missing’? some folks may be thinking on a surface level — like what tangible items a person may provide. but, for me…a person WORTH missing is one that provides a benefit on a far-deeper level.

and, as it turns out, this simple, yet powerful directive, is a secret life-goal of mine. yes, i strive daily to be the type of person that is missed. and, while this may seem egotistical, that is not at all how i mean it.

living your life in such a way that EVERYONE with whom you have contact is positively impacted is…HUGE! leaving people better than you find them is a challenge i think more people should take on.

cuz, see…life and its twistsNturns often leave people feeling beat up and hopeless. i know i have felt that way mannnnnny times. however, it has never failed that GOD placed someone in my path that allowed me to recall, regroup and refocus. and, for that? i’m thankful. overwhelmingly so.

commercial break –> contrary to popular belief, we’re not here for our own pleasure. sorry. i know that may disappoint some, but…we’re not. building GOD’s kingdom (via His people) is the ultimate job description for which we all have been hired. but, alas…i digress. #moreonthatatanothertime <– back to our regularly-scheduled program

when we go about our daily lives not caring about anything other than what WE have going on…i kindasorta think we’re missing the mark. i know i always feel better after i’ve allowed my heart to connect with another’s.

now, i know…sounds hokey, right? yah. whatever. i’m not referring to a huge, involved entanglement in another person’s affairs. in fact, that’s just nosiness. (#vaultismadvocate) what i AM taumbout is simply letting our peeps know that they have our support and that we genuinely want the best for them. this is a beautiful thing. simply put, it’s what’s hoTTT in these streets.

so, um…yah. MY peeps will know that EYEcare.com.

cuz…well…i’m tryna be found worthy.


5 responses to “worth missing…

  1. “letting our peeps know that they have our support and that we genuinely want the best for them. this is a beautiful thing. simply put, it’s what’s hoTTT in these streets.”

    Amen!!!! You are really good at this and I really appreciate the love and support and even tough love I know I will recieve from you. You are worth missing in my book

  2. Loved this post! Being thoughtful and considerate is a lost art. Caring and showing compassion are what makes us human. you never know what another person is going thru, but yes thank you for caring, Lova.

  3. So you’re the second person in my circle(s) of friends to write about this. Perhaps I should be listening. My friend talked about the love and outpouring someone he knew was getting on Facebook after they passed away. He went on to say that he only hoped that he would be that important to people that they would miss his presence once he was gone.
    It reminded me of someone else that I know who lost their life. And even a year and a half later, someone is posting a message on his Facebook wall on a daily basis. Not just the same people over and over, but different people each time. In his short years, he made himself worth missing.
    I also remember VIVIDLY the nearly full sanctuary of TMBC during my mother’s funeral (or homegoing service as the old church folks say). I found myself comforting people during MY difficult time because they felt that she’d impacted their lives so much. I was overwhelmed by the love and outpouring from friends and strangers.
    One thing I’ve learned from people like that is that they don’t do anything special to be noticed or try to be something they are not. They just be who they are (grammar?). And people miss that person.
    I hope one day people will miss me. I don’t know if I’ve done anything or if I am a person who has impacted lives.

    Sorry, my comment is long. Perhaps I should have put this on my own blog. Oh well.

  4. Love this, the idea of being worth missing is an awesome one. The reality is, if you are good hearted and God-hearted you end up being worth missing without even trying.
    It so sad how much people miss out on trying fill them selves up. If you fill up another then they will then have enough to spill over and fill you up too.

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