pressing through…


right now…at this very second, i am sooooo very sick to my stomach. like. BLECH! i am literally sitting here taking slow, deep breaths while chewing my eclipse spearmint gum (it seems to help for some reason, #dontaskme and #dontjudgeme). *breathe in, breathe out, chew*

great way to begin the post, right? well…YAH…it IS, in fact. *insert bbm winking smiley*

because, it is whilST i am SITTING here fighting this nausea (instead of LAYING ‘cross my oh-so-comfortable bed), that i am hit with the sickening (pun intended) realization that i kindasorta don’t have a choice but…to…press…through. i must continue to sit at this desk and slowly, deliberately work my through the mountainous to-do list i’ve created for myself. a list…that’s filled with tasks for a variety of projects — some work, some personal…some just flat-out miscellaneous. ALL of them needing progress. today.


now. this isn’t anything remarkable. or earth-shattering. EYE know. but. it did inspire me to visit yall for a hot second (gotta get back to this list) and share a thought!

cuz, really? isn’t that what life is all about? PRESSING THROUGH? don’t we all have shytuations that require us to just…keep moving…keep breathing…UNTIL. until…it gets better…until we see results…until a change comes…just — UNTIL.

i personally thank God daily (sometimes hourly, yah…it’s RUFF like THAT!) for giving me what i need to keep it moving. if it weren’t for him, i would be stuck. stalled. somewhere…not moving forward.

so. if you’re reading this on THIS day? know that i am praying for your ability to press through whatever it is that’s on your plate today…knowing that we will all get there.

one breath at a time.

hollatcha girl.