pressing through…


right now…at this very second, i am sooooo very sick to my stomach. like. BLECH! i am literally sitting here taking slow, deep breaths while chewing my eclipse spearmint gum (it seems to help for some reason, #dontaskme and #dontjudgeme). *breathe in, breathe out, chew*

great way to begin the post, right? well…YAH…it IS, in fact. *insert bbm winking smiley*

because, it is whilST i am SITTING here fighting this nausea (instead of LAYING ‘cross my oh-so-comfortable bed), that i am hit with the sickening (pun intended) realization that i kindasorta don’t have a choice but…to…press…through. i must continue to sit at this desk and slowly, deliberately work my through the mountainous to-do list i’ve created for myself. a list…that’s filled with tasks for a variety of projects — some work, some personal…some just flat-out miscellaneous. ALL of them needing progress. today.


now. this isn’t anything remarkable. or earth-shattering. EYE know. but. it did inspire me to visit yall for a hot second (gotta get back to this list) and share a thought!

cuz, really? isn’t that what life is all about? PRESSING THROUGH? don’t we all have shytuations that require us to just…keep moving…keep breathing…UNTIL. until…it gets better…until we see results…until a change comes…just — UNTIL.

i personally thank God daily (sometimes hourly, yah…it’s RUFF like THAT!) for giving me what i need to keep it moving. if it weren’t for him, i would be stuck. stalled. somewhere…not moving forward.

so. if you’re reading this on THIS day? know that i am praying for your ability to press through whatever it is that’s on your plate today…knowing that we will all get there.

one breath at a time.

hollatcha girl.


9 responses to “pressing through…

  1. So on time… I can say beyond Cyd and God you are one of the reasons I remember I need to press through!!!! That strength you have and you share with others is amazing, you inspire me to keep pressing and I love you for it!!!

    Feel better Sis

  2. yup yup yup, this right here, keep moving, keep pushing, keep striving, cuz for me right now, things just look real unlike what I want them to be, but I gotta keep pushing because they have to get better.

    • “unlike what i want them to be”…if YOU don’t getteth yourself to the nearest wordpress site and get on #thishere blogroll!!! i promise you’re a natural…your phraseology gets me every time. like. every. single. time.
      now, get!
      (oh, but, gimme a hug first! lol!)

  3. Needed to hear this today. Cuz i’m currently sitting here asking God to continue to help me fight and press thru in spite of everything in me that wants to lay down and give up. Thx, sis.

  4. And they all said “Amen.”

    Great part about God is you come through the fire and don’t even smell like smoke. He’s worthy! 🙂

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