it is indeed possible…

…to have the life you want.

…be the person that you’ve aspired to be.

…to be loved as you need to.

i’ve always said that the absence of something in your world is not cause to deny its existence.



don’t. look. down.

don’t look down.

i read this in a book last week. it was couched in betweenXT the author’s story about how he got down a scary ski slope by NOT LOOKING DOWN. nevermind that he wasn’t supposed to be on it in the first place.

interesting, no? the story, while inspiring, had nothing to do with skiing. at least to me. for me. this simple command resonated with me so deeply because i’ve been guilty of doing so. more than once, even.

yes. looking, down…around…back…everywhere except FORWARD and UP. hmph.

i’m not going to pretend to wax something poetic on the topic of life. i can’t. i don’t know enough. too ignant. not enough experience. simply, #unable.

what i am going to do is…share. write. talk. to myself, if need be.

recent weeks have found me in spot that i haven’t been in in…ever. i was going to say ‘in a long time’, but this is an “in ever” moment. i continue to be challenged professionally in my efforts to land in “the spot” where i’m supposed to be. some days the conclusion i reach is that that may be something more fluid for me. like…finding the right gig for me right now. that doesn’t make sense though, does it? almost sounds irresponsible. and, far be it from┬áthis capricorn to sound (or be) irresponsible. but. i am no longer willing to say what i will and won’t do…will and won’t try. in recent weeks some opportunities have fell in my lap that remind me why each new day is…a gift. i’m open.

and, this? only works if i don’t…look…down. the view is simply too scary.