His way…

Self-work is some of the hardest, yet absolutely necessary, work we do. Most of us find it uncomfortable 😖 to take a realistic look at who we are and who we know we’re called to be. 

God has an uncanny (or so it seems to my little mind) way of showing us allllllll of the ways — and, there are countless — that we’re really not all that. 😳 #YesISaidThat

Allowing Him to work on us will always reveal the areas in which we need to grow uP, be better and just #DoItDifferently. 

The amazing thing is that He does this lovingly. Gently. And, in a manner we can handle. (Cuz. He kinda knows how much is too much, right?) At no time, while under his corrective hand do we have to feel defeated. Or hopeless. #ThatsNotHowThisWorks

No. Nawl. Nope. The way my God is set up? He walks beside us, holds our hand and picks us up when the weight of it all is just…#TewMuch. 

💯 here for it. 



random #983

it’s friday night. the friday before a major holiday. and, i am…at the local bookstore down the street from my house. reading. writing. working (only minimally, though). being…*dare i say it*…content.

seem weird? so be it. you should probably stop reading now, if you think so.

one thing i’ve learned on my journey thus far is…my path is my path. period.

so, yes. it’s friday. the friday before a major holiday and…the invites (yes, plural) came. i declined some and ignored others. i’m not popular. no. trust me, that’s not it. i am just the goodtimecharlie that people want around to feel good about whatever it is that they need to feel good about. i am fun. no cockiness…just fact. but, alas. i am not with any of them. i am…alone. on a friday night. the friday night before a major holiday.

the last few years of life have shown me some different things. about myself. and, other people:

  1. i rarely mind being alone;
  2. i would welcome (#ithink) a companion if HE sent me one, but, the fear of losing ”mytime” scares me a lil’ bit…#beentheredonethat;
  3. i enjoy hanging out and all that that entails, but i don’t hafta always have it;
  4. i don’t have nearly the number of true friends that most people think i do;
  5. i don’t like what most people like;
  6. i’m busier than a lot of people i know;
  7. i am moody…terribly so;
  8. i am often pleased, blissful even, with the very simple things in life;
  9. i am increasingly less patient with the foolish, selfish, mean, fraudelent souls on this earth and am often driven to roll dolo because of it;
  10. i am very sensitive, despite the seemingly hard exterior;

at the end of the day…i’ve learned to see people for what they are and not what i want them to be. i think i do this because ultimately it’s what i want from them. dah well. #irambleiramble