Ramblings of OneBlackWoman #20160211

Today is day two of what I pray will be a period of growth and development…in Christ. This Lenten season will be different from others. Can’t wait to see how. 

I’m snuggled into one of my favorite places — my bed — and, am taking a moment to capture some of the thoughts of the day. 

  1. Life teaches some very difficult lessons. Unfortunately, for me…I’ve been a slow learner on many occasions. Recently someone that I (foolishly) ‘carried a torch’ for has seemingly found love. And, while I do wish him/them the best, hearing him speak on this underscored for me how utterly stupid I’d been (trying to be and do what only God could do in his life). All in the name of friendship. When, in actuality…the cost of that lesson was more than I could afford. 
  2. Sometimes, God does allow you to witness the ‘downfall’ of those who may have mistreated you. I received some news today about an individual who has, for 5+ years been a source of griefangstfear for many. It wasn’t good news, either. Interestingly enough, I didn’t find joy in it. I didn’t shed a tear either. I *did* thank God for His saving grace doe. Coulda been me…believing in my power instead of His. 
  3. I must be gentle with me. I have reached a point on this journey where pausing and loving on me is no longer an option. It is a requirement. I’m not sure how I missed this lesson, but…LovA 4.4 is intent on mastering it. More naps. More new experiences #Just4Me. More saying NO to what doesn’t serve me. More peace. 

So. Yeah. Happy Thursday, indeed. 

Be well. 

Love from LovA😘


i’m back!


i think.

i dunno.

i’m coming to the conclusion that i may suck at blogging. like, i used to be good. i used to make time for it. not so much now.

and, trust me…it’s not because i don’t have some funny ish happening to me — i do. EVERY day is a barrel of laffs. argh.

anyhoo. this is a short re-intro.

maybe i’ll actually come back tomorrow…but, right now? a history paper is beckoning me to come hither.


Do You…?

~ Wonder about the future and what it may hold? (wonder, not worry!)

~ Wish you could borrow someone’s cute kid for a day or two…just long enough to spoil them, shower them with kisses, and, then give them back when they start “ackin” up?

~ Express your love, on the regular, to those people who hold a special place in your heart ?

~ Live each day as if it were your last?

~ Laugh really hearty about something every day?

~ Sleep well every night knowing that you gave your all?

Just wondering…if you do…